Bomb Max Mamba – A Disposable Vape That’s Ready to Go

If you’re looking for a disposable vape that’s ready to go, Bomb Max Mamba is the right choice. It offers ten authentic flavors and has a 5% nicotine content that can help you eliminate your cigarette smoking habit.

Mamba Variants

Mamba Variants offer an increased power output, greater manoeuvrability and increased protection levels in an upgraded platform to meet today’s user demands. Mamba is a well known and proven mine protected vehicle that has saved lives in kinetic African peace keeping operations.

Mamba Sentinel

The Mamba Sentinel takes the best features of the Mamba raider, vanguard and sentinel and merges them into one powerful ship. It boasts above average shielding power, a high speed and a good cargo capacity.

Mamba Raider

The Mamba Raider is the fastest and most versatile M3 of its class. A combination of its large weapon generator, high speed and light shielding makes it a formidable foe when in the right hands.

Mamba Vanguard

A powerful M3, with speed and a large weapon generator, the Mamba can be a deadly player ship. However, despite its high speed, it is surprisingly lightly shielded and requires careful attention to evasion when fighting enemy ships.